Elizabeth Newhouse

Director, Cuba Project @ Center for International Policy

Raised in Cuba, Ms. Elizabeth Newhouse has been directing the Center for International Policy’s (CIP) Cuba project since 2014, after serving as a consultant organizing and accompanying CIP delegations and people-to-people trips to Cuba and writing reports on Cuba’s disaster management, race relations, and U.S.-Cuba policy and environmental cooperation. She organized or co-organized conferences in Washington on Cuba oil drilling, environmental collaboration, and U.S.-Cuba normalization, and in Miami on Cuban Americans and the vote, and she also has worked with moderate Cuban Americans to advocate for engagement. Earlier she was on the staff of the National Geographic as a senior editor, writer, and publisher. As director of travel publishing, she managed a $9 million multipart books program that produced more than 30 titles a year on travel, culture, history, nature, and adventure. In addition, she has served as a lecturer on Cuban history and culture, and U.S.-Cuba relations. From 2002-2003, Ms. Newhouse was a member of the Cuba Advisory Group. Her book, Cuba (National Geographic 1999), was cited by the Los Angeles Times for its "scholarly command of Cuba’s history."