Confidence Staveley

Founder & Executive Director @ CyberSafe FoundationNigeria

Confidence Staveley is an award-winning cybersecurity professional, digital development enthusiast, author and entrepreneur with over a decade experience in technology. She believes that Africans, especially the most vulnerable, should have access to technology and be equipped with cyber-risk and mitigation strategies. Confidence recently facilitated CyberSafe Foundation’s collaboration with the UK government to implement a cybersecurity intervention in response to the heightened cyber-attacks during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, Africa’s first afro-beats cybersecurity awareness song was released, reaching over 10 million Nigerians with information about cybersecurity hygiene. Confidence was a participant of the IVLP Project: Promoting Cyber Security for Seniors.

With Cybersafe Foundation as implementation partner and in partnership with the UK FCDO and KPMG, Confidence played a major role in the launch of a cybersecurity toolkit for SMEs in Nigeria. Confidence is also passionate about protecting senior citizens who are particularly vulnerable to financial scams and identity theft. Through her organization, Cybersafe Foundation, Confidence has recently launched the Pan-African cybersecurity awareness tool called The Sabi Toolkit. This tool provides the the user with proactive preventive measures and practical steps to stay safe as they navigate the digital world. Confidence is also passionate about closing the gender gap in technology and has launched two initiatives: DigiGirls and CyberGirls.