Cathryn Keller

Senior Communications Advisor @ Friends of Florence Foundation

Cathryn Keller M.F.A. is an arts and culture writer, editor, producer and communications and development consultant, now serving as Senior Advisor for External Affairs for the Smithsonian exhibition Yoga: The Art of Transformation, the first exhibition on the visual history of yoga. Former director of public affairs for the Museum of New Mexico and the University of New Mexico, she was involved in launching SITE Santa Fe, the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, and the Neutrogena Wing of the Museum of International Folk Art in the 1990s, and has served in senior communications positions for universities on both coasts and museums including the National Gallery of Art Press Office. She has produced or raised funds for documentary films on topics from nuclear weapons to adobe in New Mexico, high speed hovermarines to high speed political and artist biographies. Cathryn's book in progress explores the intersecting histories of modern transnational yoga and photography in Eastern Europe during World War II. She has lectured in graduate museum studies and contributes reviews to the Washington Post, Sculpture and art publications. Her favorite sports are mountain hiking and extreme cultural travel.