Allyson McKithen

Senior Operations Manager, Office for Trade Promotion @ Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center

Allyson Browne McKithen serves at the Senior Operations Manager of the Office for Trade Promotion (OTP), the programming arm of the International Trade Center and the World Trade Center, Washington, DC. With a focus on facilitating international trade opportunities for small and medium-sized business, the OPT is responsible for international business development, government and diplomatic relations as well as trade promotion for the International Trade Center and hosts over 300 international programs annually.

Prior to joining the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, Ms. McKithen was the principal at Events Unlimited, Inc. a special events management firm specializing in strategic event development for association and not-for-profit organizations. During her tenure, she was responsible for business development, creative strategies and technology operations of the firm.

Her earlier experience includes fifteen years as a project manager for several consulting firms including, SAIC, NCI and Potomac Systems implementing the global rollout of information technology projects for organizations including: the Internal Revenue Service, the Defense Logistics Agency, the US Forest Service, the Department of the Navy, the Department of the Air Force and the Department of the Army. In this capacity, she worked in over twenty countries directing technical and training teams in installation operations.

Ms. McKithen holds a B.S.F.S. (International Affairs) from Georgetown University. She lives with her husband in Alexandria, VA.