Message from the Secretary
of State of the United States

I am pleased to share with you Path to Harmony: The United States and China, 1784-1979, a photographic exhibition that highlights key connections between two of the world’s major powers.

Our fundamental interest in one another, Americans and Chinese, began in the late eighteenth century and was initially based on trade. Since then, our countries have expanded these interactions to include exchanges in education, business, culture, science, sports, and technology.

Today, the United States and China together comprise one quarter of the global population, make up one third of the global economy, and generate one fifth of global trade. The U.S.-China relationship is one of the most consequential in the world, to say the least, and it has the power to determine the shape of the twenty-first century. A strong and cooperative bond between our two nations benefits not only the United States and China, but also the world.

Path to Harmony illustrates how, despite challenges, our mutual commitment to pursuing a productive path on a wide range of issues has led to our strong partnership today. This partnership has, in turn, resulted in deeper mutual understanding of our peoples and cultures.

Although the path we walk together will not always be smooth, the challenges we face will not prevent us from working together to improve prospects for stability, prosperity, and peace, both in our bilateral relationship, and on a global scale. This poignant photographic exhibit offers many memorable moments throughout our bilateral relationship and we look forward to the many moments and photos that are yet to come.

John F. Kerry
Secretary of State
U.S. Department of State