Meridian IVLP Alumnus Ali Ahmed Mahamoud Receives Comoros Business Award

Meridian IVLP Alumnus Ali Ahmed Mahamoud receives the Comoros’ Best Young Entrepreneur Award.
Meridian IVLP Alumnus Ali Ahmed Mahamoud receives the Comoros’ Best Young Entrepreneur Award.

Meridian International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) Alumnus Ali Ahmed Mahamoud has received Comoros’ Best Young Entrepreneur Award. Mr. Mahamoud participated in an IVLP, hosted by Meridian International Center in March 2013. The program, “American Youth:  Inspiring Leadership and Civic Participation”, brought together 23 youth leadership professionals from around the world for three weeks.  Since his completion of the IVLP, Mr. Mahamoud has been recognized for his accomplishments in promoting entrepreneurship among youth. He also started an organization that connects young entrepreneurs from countries in the Indian Ocean region through networking, capacity building, and programs such as the "Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year" award and "Best Business Plan” competition.

Mr. Mahamoud and a team of colleagues organized the Indian Ocean Youth Forum which promoted entrepreneurship and youth participation in decision-making processes for the fifth Presidential Summit held in Comoros. In commenting on the importance of the IVLP project to his professional and personal development, Mr. Mahamoud said, “The most important thing I gained from this program is a new network of colleagues who have become real friends. I believe that everything is possible with a network based on friendship and honesty, and if we can share our experiences, we can have better understanding of ourselves. I met people I never expected to meet, but what we did together makes me feel humble.” The group remains in close contact and continues to share ideas concerning its work with up and coming young leaders in their countries.

Mr. Mahamoud is the Executive Manager of own marketing firm, Seaview Worldcom (his first company), and he works with and mentors young designers, producers, and artists as they grow their own entrepreneurial enterprises.

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