Meridian Global Journalism Initiative

Why Journalism Requires Global Collaboration

Now more than ever, amid a global pandemic and a period of social unrest and tumultuous geopolitics, journalists are on the front lines of trying to accurately and truthfully inform citizens around the world about what’s happening and how the global news of the day might affect them. Under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, everyone has the right to seek and receive news and express opinions. With the Covid-19 pandemic highlighting and amplifying many crises that threaten everyone’s right to freely reported, independent, diverse and reliable information, the future of global journalism is at risk.

As an arbiter of democracy, transparency, press freedom and combating disinformation, Meridian is committed to supporting journalists around the world in the fight against the threat of misinformation. Our mission to strengthen engagement between the United States and the world manifests through three pillars: diplomacy, global leadership and culture. We believe the U.S. is stronger when globally engaged – and ethical journalism plays an essential role in connecting the world through truthfulness, accuracy and transparency. For nearly two decades, Meridian has been building the capacity of international journalists through reporting tours, training, headliner briefings and roundtable discussions with leaders in Washington and across the U.S. to equip these journalists with the global insights, cultural context and collaborative networks to address complex global challenges and opportunities. Our commitment to continuing this work manifests in the new Meridian Global Journalism Initiative, which provides a platform for international journalists and communicators to connect, gain insights and exchange perspectives on the news of the day. This initiative aims to offer a holistic view of the United States while strengthening global alliances and the U.S. reputation in the world.

Our Programmatic Pillars
  1. Global Newsmakers: Speaker series convening global headliners to address critical foreign affairs issues of the day
  2. Journalism Roundtables: Salon-style dialogue series bringing together journalists with leaders in diplomacy, government and business to network and exchange ideas on international challenges to world press freedom in today’s era of disinformation and the scaling back of newsrooms around the globe.
  3. Reporting Tours and Training: Leveraging Meridian’s 60 years of professional exchange and journalism training expertise, these reporting tours and training build journalists’ capacity and accelerate the production of independent, transparent and accurate media, including original content production with our strategic partners to bring to light the collaborative approaches to advancing freedom of the press and combating disinformation around the world.

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Future of Journalism

As we look ahead to the next decade, global journalism will be essential to holding leaders accountable for decisions they are making now – which will have monumental impacts for generations to come. Meridian’s long-term, multi-pronged approach to global journalism provides a foundation that will help sustain journalism as a profession and public service, and advance shared values of transparency, democracy and freedom of speech.

Who does this initiative help?

The Meridian Global Journalism Initiative brings together nonprofits, corporations, foundations, academia and philanthropists whose missions and values support global journalism, press freedom and combating disinformation; these organizations form a collective of partners that engage with journalists, editors and media outlets in the U.S. and around the world as well as embassy press counselors in Washington, DC. This initiative helps these journalism and communications stakeholders address their ex-pressed needs, which Meridian gathered from interviews and focus groups, including increased access to credible information and sources as well as more collaboration with peers, global newsmakers and industry leaders.

Strategic Partners

Leaders committed to advancing world press freedom and global access to trustworthy information are well-positioned to stand with Meridian in our shared commitment to global journalism. Through the Meridian Global Journalism Initiative, we are building an Alliance of leaders and partners committed to advancing global journalism.

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