Meridian Global Insights Mission UAE and Oman – March 6-13, 2020


Meridian International Center will conduct its annual Meridian Global Insights Mission to the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman on March 6-13, 2020.

This diplomatic mission through the countries’ key regions offers delegation members an opportunity to cultivate a deeper understanding of the important relationships the United States has with both countries and gain unique insights into the region’s dynamics, rich history, vibrant culture, and emerging ideas and reforms. Meridian has extensive relationships in the UAE and Oman through partnerships with their governments, Ambassadors and the U.S. Department of State on cultural and global leadership exchange programs.

The 6-night/7-day trip will take delegates to the capital and cultural cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE; and Muscat, Oman, and include a desert excursion. A preliminary schedule is included below and details on confirmed activities and arrangements will be provided as the program evolves.

Sitting at the border of historic trade routes between the East and West, these two countries have stood at the gateway between the East and West for centuries.Today, the UAE and Oman play significant roles in the trade, defense, economic, and cultural affairs of the Arabian Peninsula.

Established on December 2, 1971, UAE is a federation of seven emirates: Abu Dhabi (which serves as the capital), Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al Quwain. The discovery of oil provided a boom in capital for the UAE, leading to sustained investment in education, infrastructure, and civil society that is evident today in the explosion of tourism, art, culture, banking and finance. The WorldExpo 2020 will provide Dubai an opportunity to showcase their modernized and futuristic view as leaders in economic trade against a background of traditional culture, architecture, and scenery.

Sharing a border with UAE, Oman enjoys a similar climate and rugged landscape with refreshing undisturbed views of luscious palms and traditional villages offset by dramatic mountain vistas. However, the capital city of Muscat holds jewels of culture highlighting traditional Bedouin hospitality and contemporary advancements exemplified by the Grand Mosque and the Royal Opera House Muscat. Oman has placed great emphasis on the modernization and development of the country’s civic and economic structures since Sultan Qaboos Bin Said rose to prominence in 1970. The government plans to reduce oil dependency to less than 10 percent of the country’s GDP in the next decade by developing tourism, real estate, investment, and renewable energy initiatives.


The Meridian Global Insights Mission provides first-hand context of Meridian’s mission of strengthening diplomacy and U.S. engagement with the world through the exchange of leaders, culture, and ideas by:

  • Exploring the important relationship between the United States and UAE and Oman by gaining greater insights into the region’s history, politics, economy, culture, religious and civic issues;
  • Encouraging people-to-people exchange through interactions with UAE and Omani government, business, civil society and cultural leaders;
  • Empowering delegates to serve as citizen diplomats through thoughtful discussion and the open exchange of ideas between participants and locals.

Schedule Overview

The 6-night/7-day trip will take delegates to the great capital and cultural cities of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Muscat, with an excursion to Nizwa and the Mountains.

  • Thursday, March 5: Departure from the United States
  • Friday, March 6:  Arrival to Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Saturday, March 7: UAE
  • Sunday, March 8: UAE
  • Monday, March 9: Dubai and Group flight to Muscat, Oman
  • Tuesday, March 10: Oman
  • Wednesday, March 11: Day trip to Nizwa and Omani Mountains
  • Thursday, March 12: Oman and Group flight to Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Friday, March 13: Departure from Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Mission Expenses and Accommodations

The cost of the trip is $9,500 per person or $16,000 per couple. This includes all first-class accommodations, airport transfers and in-country transportation, meals, gratuities. Delegates are responsible for the cost and arrangement of their own airfare to and from UAE and Oman.

Space is limited to 25 people. The deadline for reservations is October 1st; initial travel deposit (40%) will be due to our partner travel company, Pangburn International, upon registration. Each additional deposit (30%) will be due November 15th and February 1st.

For additional information, please contact: Rebekah Nantz | (202) 939-5876