Insights@Meridian featuring The Honorable Thea Lee, Deputy Under Secretary of International Affairs, U.S. Department of Labor

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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

In the rapidly evolving world of global trade and labor, the Biden Administration has emerged as a stalwart advocate for labor rights and freedoms. In November 2023, President Biden underscored this commitment when he unveiled a Memorandum on Advancing Worker Empowerment, Rights, and High Labor Standards Globally. This memorandum not only safeguards high labor standards, but also ensures workers’ voices are amplified in policymaking and combats unfair labor practices. The Administration is committed to fortifying a free and fair international economic system by extending the U.S.’s agenda to promote worker empowerment, rights, and high labor standards worldwide.  

As diplomats navigate the complex interplay of trade, labor, and U.S. foreign policy, Meridian is honored to host The Honorable Thea Lee, Deputy Under Secretary of Labor for International Affairs for a timely conversation on the role of just labor rights and regulations in advancing sustainable economic growth, reshaping supply chain resilience, and promoting American competitiveness. Join us as Deputy Under Secretary Lee shares how labor standards are being leveraged as a diplomatic tool in U.S. foreign policy, and how they can contribute to a more equitable and sustainable global economy.  

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