Hotel Agent Services – Request for Proposal, RFP No. 003-18

Proposal Title: GC/MCCD non-exclusive Hotel Agent Services
RFP No. 003-18
Date RFP issued: Friday, July 6, 2018
Due Date: Wed., Aug. 1, 2018

Type of Contract: Non-exclusive – Hotel Incentive based Contract

Contract Term: One-year period from the date to start services with two (2) one-year options to renew.

Estimated Annual no. of various Program Participants: 1,000

In accordance with the requirements of this proposal, the undersigned offers and agrees, if their proposal is accepted to furnish any and all services submitted in accordance with the conditions specified by the proposal.

The bidder assumes sole responsibility for the complete effort required in this RFP. No special consideration shall be given after bids are received due to bidder’s failure to be knowledgeable of all the requirements under this RFP. By submitting a proposal in response to this RFP, the bidder confirms that it has satisfied itself of all the requirement of this RFP.

No RFP will be accepted if submitted after the close of business by 6 p.m. on the due date: WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1, 201

1. Statement of Purpose

According to contractual obligations, Meridian International Center is tasked with coordinating lodging in each locale, along with other logistical duties. Meridian is seeking the services of a hotel supplier with hotel agents who we can work with GlobalConnect and MCCD on a variety of projects all over the United States and internationally. The potential scope of work will vary based upon the project. GlobalConnect and MCCD expects to have 30+ programs a year ranging from 5 rooms and 4 nights to 250 rooms for 3 nights and conference space. Annual hotel expenditures between GlobalConnect and MCCD are expected to be in excess of $3.1 million (NB: this figure does not reflect reservations made exclusively by hotel agents and includes individually-made reservations).

This RFP covers hotel usage within the Washington, DC metropolitan area, including the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia; throughout the United States; and internationally.

2. Background Information

Meridian International Center is a non-profit organization that promotes international understanding through the exchange of people, ideas, and the arts. Established in 1960 and headquartered in Washington, DC, Meridian offers a wide array of outreach, exchange, and arts programs. We promote dialogue among people of all ages about global issues, connect professionals from different countries and enrich the cultural perspectives of audiences across the United States and abroad.

3. Scope of Work

The selected agency (Contractor) will provide hotel procurement services for GC and MCCD official program participants. Contractor must demonstrate its hotel agents’ ability to meet the following needs:

  • Work with program teams
  • Provide at least two (2) hotel options within GSA rates and close to business location
  • Able to negotiate accommodations at or below the federal government per diem rates, with breakfast and Wi-Fi included
  • Able to assist Meridian with meeting cost-share requirements (e.g.: comped conference room spaces or guest rooms)
  • Provide on a regular basis performance evaluation forms to collect feedback from program staff
  • Able to provide reports on hotel usage (hotel nights per location/by city)
  • Assist Meridian in securing rates exclusive of taxes based on our IRS non-profit tax exemption status
  • Able to work nationwide and internationally
  • Able to negotiate flexible contract terms, including lower or no down payments, less restrictive cancellation terms and penalties, group rates, etc.
  • Able to meet strict and flexible deadlines and short-notice booking needs
  • Able to work with program teams as a liaison with the selected hotels in case of issues related to invoicing, contract discussions and negotiations
  • Willingness to update program teams on new venues and travel programs, and provide introductions to hotel managers
  • Assist with conference arrangements, including A/V rental, banquet space and catering, with the selected hotels

4. Outcome and Performance Standards

  • Minimum of 5 years' experience handling hotel requests and hotel contract negotiation.
  • Solid knowledge of Federal Govt. GSA rates and per diem rates and their applicability.
  • Ability to demonstrate experience in making reservation for smaller and larger groups and individual participants in federal and other private programs.
  • Demonstrate technical knowledge of creating "hotel reservation/Conference logistic support" forms that address the necessary information required to initiate a reservation.
  • Provide sample of hotel reports, performance evaluation reports, feedback request forms.
  • Ability to work with our IT to create/use the above described forms under Meridian website.

5. Deliverables

Contractor will be able to provide timely reports on hotel usage by city or region, and other factors, as needed. In addition, Contractor must be able to provide:

  • Quarterly hotel reports about nights reserved per location
  • Quarterly performance evaluation report based on feedback collected from our program team
  • Quarterly updated hotel contact list for GSA approved hotels, their rates, and means of contact for each city in the US based on our usage

6. Payments, Incentives, and Penalties

As the awarding agency, Meridian International Center, nor its divisions, will not be responsible for any fees payable to hotel agents.

It is between the hotel agent and the hotel to discuss and to agree on the incentive/fees paid by hotel to agent in return for the reservations made at these hotels.

Also, it is understood that the hotel agent and the hotel will discuss what will happen to the hotel agent's incentive in case of cancellation or no show.

Meridian and the awarding agencies are not liable for payment of any fees or incentives to the hotel agent regardless of the status of reservations (confirmed, cancelled, reduced or otherwise).

7. Contractual Terms and Conditions

This is a non-exclusive, no fee, contractor-hotel directly negotiated incentive one-year contract, subject to two (2) one-year renewal options.

The Contract is effective date of mutually signing on the Contract and is valid for one year. After end of first year, Meridian and Contractor may exercise the 2 one-year optional renewal terms if mutually agreed to.

Reservations made for federal awards that are subject to GSA rates will be subject to the Contract Provisions for Non-Federal Entity Contracts Under Federal Awards under 2 CFR 200 Appendix II to Part 200

8. Requirements for Proposal Preparation

The bidder is required to follow the instructions contained in this RFP and in the bid cover sheet in preparing and submitting its bid proposal. The bidder is advised to read thoroughly and follow all instructions.  Each bidder is given wide latitude in the degree of detail it elects to offer or extent to which plans, designs, systems, procedures are revealed. However, insufficient detail may result in a determination that the bid proposal is materially non-responsive or may lower its technical score.

9. Evaluation and Award Process

Proposals received will be evaluated on the demonstrated ability to provide services described in Section 3. Scope of Work, and should include the following details:

  • Highlight past experiences negotiating additional concessions, with examples
  • Highlight volume of business
  • Provide any business certification, if any
  • Explanation and past examples of relationships with hotels nationally and internationally, including any preferences given to certain families of hotels
  • Samples of previous work, e.g.: meeting government per diem rates and arranging large conferences
  • References from past clients

10. Contacts

Detailed resumes should be submitted for all supervisory and key personnel to be assigned to the contract.

11. Submissions

Please send copy of submission and any accompanying documents to the attention of Quentin Lide, Dir. of Administration, at with copy to