Oksana was born in 1969 in Ilyichevsk (Odessa District), Ukraine. She graduated from the Ilyichevsk School of Arts in 1986 and earned an M.B. from the Grekov Odessa State Art School in 1992. As a working artist, she earned a bachelor of philosophy degree from the Odessa State University named after I.I. Mechnikov in 2003. She lives and works in Odessa.

Solo Exhibitions (selected):


  • Helium-3, Aidan Gallery, Moscow.
  • Casamor Foundation, the Museo Dali and the Rambla de Figueras, Figueras, Spain.
  • Spheres of Good and Spiritual Renaissance, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • Helium-3, Art Center, Odessa.
  • Ukrainian Contemporary Art in NY, by Mironova Gallery, New York.


  • When Stars Align, Zorya Fine Art, New York.


  • Unique Sides of Routine, Mimesis Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • MAS. Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Russia.


  • Hired to Dream. Aidan Gallery, Moscow, Russia.


  • Point of Assemblage. T. Ladyzhinskaya Gallery. Odessa, Ukraine.
  • Infanta. Da Vinci Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • Jaguar’s valve. Arena “City”. Kyiv, Ukraine.


  • Epidermis’s phenomenon. “Karas” Gallery.


  • Oksana Mas. Paintings. Aidan Gallery. Moscow, Russia.
  • Black/white reverse. IRIS Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.


  • Oksana Mas. Museum of Western-Eastern art. Ukraine.
  • Everyday Originality. Exhibition Hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • Oksana Mas. Center of Contemporary art “Soviart”. Kyiv, Ukraine.


  • 365. Central Exhibition Morvokzal’s (port) complex. Odessa, Ukraine.


  • Oksana Mas. Korolenko State Art Museum. Odessa, Ukraine.


  • Oksana Mas. Art Gallery Valkenburg, Netherlands.
  • Oksana Mas. M-Gallery. Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Oksana Mas. Museum of Fine Arts. Ilyichevsk, Ukraine.


  • Oksana Mas. Museum of Fine Arts, Ilyichevsk, Ukraine.
  • Oksana Mas. Central Exhibition Hall of Ukraine Artists’ Union. Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • Oksana Mas. Exhibition Hall of UNO representatives in Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine.