Global Business @ Meridian Downtown: Peru

Ambassador Pareja, Ambassador Holliday and Philip Vaughn
Ambassador Pareja, Ambassador Holliday and Philip Vaughn


Meridian held an installment of the Global Business@Meridian Downtown breakfast series on January 10th, 2017.  Hosted by Mr. Philip Vaughn, Vice President of Government Relations for the Fluor Corporation, the program featured His Excellency Carlos Pareja, Ambassador of Peru to the United States, and drew 20 corporate leaders together to engage in an off-the-record dialogue on US-Peru bilateral relations.



In Attendance

Corporate Council Members:

DLA Piper
Squire Patton Boggs
STUDIOS Architecture

Embassy of the Peru: Ambassador Pareja, Mr. Rafael Suarez (Minister, Commercial), Mr. Juan Reus (Trade Officer)

Guests: Podesta Group, Uber

Meridian International Center: Ambassador Stuart Holliday, Lee Satterfield, Amy Selco, Gretchen Ehle, Olivia Dorieux, Puru Trivedi

Featured Remarks:

  • Philip Vaughn, Fluor Corporation
    Fluor Corporation is delighted to be a partner of the Government of Peru in its development goals, and hopes to provide employment in the country while being an environmentally sustainable enterprise. The Sacyr Fluor joint venture will be a multiplier for growth in Peru for years to come.
  • Ambassador Pareja, Embassy of Peru
    Peru is experiencing a golden era of growth, and has made foreign direct investment a focus for catalyzing change. The Ambassador gave a brief political history of Peru, remarking on how the focus of the country has shifted in the past administrations. There was mention about the high caliber of technical officials in President Kuzyinski’s cabinet, which bodes well for Peru’s economic development.

    Ambassador Pareja detailed how institutions of power remain intact in the country, and how the government hopes to attract more foreign investment from the mining, infrastructure, fishing, and agriculture sectors. Coupled with a 6.4% annual GDP growth rate, Peru has become one of the most attractive destinations for doing business in South America.

Key Discussion Highlights

  • Systemic Issues: One major focus for the government is reducing poverty, crime and corruption. Also, a more thorough look at water systems is a priority. Like many other countries in the region, Peru has a large informal economy, and part of the development challenge is how to get more businesses into the formal economy and pay taxes.
  • Trade: Trade is not seen as a negative in Peru, rather as a means for the country to rise up. Peru has signed over 17 free trade agreements with other countries, including the United States. The people and the government are hopeful for more free trade in the region and across seas. Peru is beginning to position itself as a regional powerhouse of trade.
  • International Economic Relations: Ambassador Pareja remarked that Peru is convinced that open markets and free trade are the best ways to achieved progress and reduce poverty. The country stands committed to working with the United States, as well as its regional trading partners, to help all Peruvians have better employment, wages, and standard of living.
  • Business Climate: The political climate in Peru is stable, which has led to liberalization a free market, seeking to promote growth and welfare to Peruvian people.

 Meridian looks forward to working with Peru on a number of upcoming initiatives and remaining engaged with the Embassy of the Peru in Washington.

For Council items, please contact Puru P. Trivedi, Associate Director for Corporate Relations | 202-939-5524 |


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Global Business @ Meridian Downtown: Peru
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