Global Leadership Institute

Navigating the increasingly complex and volatile conditions of today’s international markets requires executives with the tools to effectively analyze, plan for, and respond to the conditions in the countries where they operate.

High-Performance Training for Global Professionals

Building upon Meridian’s experience and expertise, GLI offers training and coaching programs, briefings, and seminars designed to strengthen executives’ and high-potential employees’ leadership effectiveness in global assignments and operations. GLI programs equip leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to drive operational performance, promote growth, and protect company or organization interests in overseas markets. Participants engage in public and tailored programs centered on one or more of the six core competencies for global leadership: Business Diplomacy, Political Risk Management, Cultural Intelligence, Stakeholder Engagement, Reputation Management, and Sustainability Strategy.

Program Offerings

Our programs equip leaders with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to drive operational performance and growth in overseas markets. To provide learning solutions that meet these leaders’ needs and schedules, GLI offers a range of program models. These include tailored coaching sessions and group seminars, cohort-based multi-day trainings, and virtual learning platforms.

GLI Team

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