The Helmand Valley Authority (HVA) Exhibition Building at
the 1958 Jeshyn Fair.

a. King Zahir Shah on an official tour.
L to R: Prime Minister Mohammed Daoud; Abdullah Malikyar,
President of the HVA; the King; and Shah Wali.
b. Afghans admire a model of the Kajaki Dam.
Kabul, 1958

This building was erected to showcase key aspects of the Helmand Valley Project. Viewers marveled at the displays, including a 100-foot scale model of the area complete with running water, dams, and canals. It was a hit with the
general public and more than a few Royal visitors.

Courtesy of the National Archives Still Picture Unit. 286-C-2-1.
Courtesy of the Cudney Collection.
Photographs by James A. Cudney.


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