The early years of the Helmand Valley Authority (HVA).

a. Afghans view photographs of HVA initiatives at the
1956 Jeshyn Fair.
b. Mohammed Kabir Ludin, Afghan Ambassador to the U.S., signs an agreement for American credit to support Helmand Valley projects. General Glen E. Edgarton, President of the U.S. Export-Import Bank, looks on.
Kabul, 1956
Washington, D.C., 1954

The Morrison-Knudsen Company was hired in 1946 to build a series of canals and dams to enhance agricultural
production in the Helmand Valley. Six years later, the Afghan government created the Helmand Valley Authority
to oversee the project with support from the American government. The results of this partnership were often
displayed to the public at Jeshyn Fairs.

Courtesy of the Cudney Collection.
Photograph by James A. Cudney.
Courtesy of the National Archives Still Picture Unit. 306-PS-51-P-54-7507.
Photograph by Joseph O’Donnell.


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