The geodesic dome at the 1956 Jeshyn Fair.

a. Placing the last strut to complete the dome.
L to R: Jefferson Davis Brooks, III; Mohammed Yusuf, Minister of Mines; U.S. Ambassador Sheldon T. Mills.
b. The U.S. Pavilion at night.
Kabul, 1956

Jack Masey, USIA’s Director of Design for the American effort in Afghanistan, selected R. Buckminster Fuller — one of the most innovative structural engineers in the United States — to design the U.S. Pavilion. The building’s components were manufactured in North Carolina and flown to Kabul. Fuller’s engineer, J.D. Brooks, III, led the team that erected the yurt-like dome. Pashto-speaking guides explained interior exhibits to visitors and outdoor cinemascope presentations
were a popular evening attraction among fair-goers.

Courtesy of the Cudney Collection.
Photographs by James A. Cudney.


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