Peace Corps medical partnerships.

a. Presentation of the first Pashto textbook
on Internal Medicine. L to R: Dr. Joe Mamlin;
Dr. Nasser Shinwarie; Dr. Sami Ahmadzai;
Dr. Sharifullah Numan; Walter P. Blass, Country Director, Peace Corps Afghanistan.
b. Peace Corps Volunteer Nancy Lamson of Augusta, Georgia, teaches English at the
Auxiliary Nurses and Midwives School.
Jalalabad, 1967
Kabul, 1977

In addition to school teaching, vocational training, and agricultural development, the Peace Corps was involved in medical initiatives in Afghanistan. These included vaccinating people in rural areas, improving English skills among doctors and nurses, and assisting in the publication of medical textbooks in local languages.

Courtesy of Walter P. Blass.
Courtesy of the National Archives Still Picture Unit. 490-FCS-360-AC-537-3-14a.


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