Message from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan

I warmly welcome the great effort by Meridian International Center to organize the photographic exhibition, In Small Things Remembered, which depicts in visual form the history of Afghanistan’s relations with the United States of America from the 1930s to the 1970s. This exhibition will provide a unique perspective on one of Afghanistan’s historical partnerships in the international arena.

Beginning in the first half of the previous century, U.S.-Afghan relations have evolved during different historical epochs, including periods of peace and prosperity as well as challenge and uncertainty. At every step, however, the people of the United States have stood by the true aspirations of the Afghan people. From the vital support that our struggle for freedom from the Soviet occupation received during the 1980s, to the economic cooperation between our countries in the decades before, there was already a strong foundation for our friendship even before the beginning of a new chapter in our relations in the post-2001 era.

Since 2001, the United States has led an extensive international effort that liberated Afghanistan from the clutches of international terrorism and opened the way for long-sought stability and prosperity. Our shared values of democracy, respect for human rights and political pluralism have been the hallmark of our partnership over the past decade. We in Afghanistan are strongly committed to continue and further expand the strategic partnership that exists between Afghanistan and the United States in the interest not only of our country, but also the entire region whose stability is so crucial to our own.

I believe the exhibition, In Small Things Remembered, is a commendable initiative that will help us understand our relations in the past, as well as reflect on the great potential we have for further development in the future.

I take this opportunity to thank the organizers of the exhibition and to encourage as many visitors as possible to see it. I also encourage similar initiatives that will highlight not only the political but also the cultural and historical dimensions of our relations as two friendly countries.

  Dr. Zalmai Rassoul
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan