Message from Meridian International Center

I am pleased to express my gratitude to all those who made this exhibition possible. I would like to give special thanks to Ambassador Karl Eikenberry and his staff in the Public Affairs Section in Kabul for commissioning this exhibit and for their support throughout its development.

The history and breadth of U.S.-Afghan relations is a subject not often considered or appreciated today. The many remarkable photographs you will see represent not only a commitment by our governments but a strong connection between the American and the Afghan people.

Meridian International Center is dedicated to the proposition that cultural exchanges and exhibitions serve as catalysts for greater mutual understanding. Through our Art for Cultural Diplomacy program, Meridian works closely with partners at home and abroad to create unique and compelling visual content that tells stories and builds bridges.

This exhibition demonstrates that security is merely one of the many threads that weave our shared history. Agriculture, economic development, and educational exchanges are also important themes. The Afghanistan we see in these images represents a country that has a strong sense of tradition, pride, and a unique culture at the crossroads of Eurasia and the subcontinent.

I am certain that Americans and Afghans who see this exhibit will better understand the history of our relationship and will forge new ties that build upon foundations laid during the 20th century. I hope that in the future new images will be added, chronicling the continuing friendship between our nations and our people in the 21st century and beyond.

  Stuart Holliday
President and CEO
Meridian International Center