Lowell Thomas meets Afghan leaders.

a. Thomas with an Afghan army officer at a military review.   b. A gathering in the gardens at Paghman.
Thomas, third from left; Prince Inayatullah, center;
Emir Amanullah, third from right; Shah Wali, second from right;
Mahmood Tarzi, far right.
Kabul, 1922
Paghman, 1922

Thomas was a traveler and writer who had made a name for himself by promoting the popular image
of “Lawrence of Arabia.” He journeyed to Afghanistan in search of stories for a film that was never produced. While in Kabul, Thomas met the Royal Family, including Shah Wali who was later known as the “Conqueror of Kabul.”

Courtesy of the Marist College Archives & Special Collections. 1314.40; 1314.10.
Photographs by Harry A. Chase.


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