A.C. Jewett, Chief Engineer for Emir Habibullah from 1911 to 1919.
The first official U.S.-Afghan meeting.
“Princess Fatima” and her entourage in the U.S. capital.
American businessmen travel to Afghanistan in the 1920s.
Lowell Thomas meets Afghan leaders.
Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. and his wife visit Afghanistan.
Afghan students in the United States during the 1930s.
Correspondence between President Franklin D. Roosevelt and King Zahir Shah.
American engineer Rex Vivian oversees construction of a bridge near Baghlan.
The Townshend Johnson Expedition explores the Bamian Valley.
Ernest Fox surveys for gold with Afghan tribesmen in Badakhshan.
The staff of American diplomat Charles W. Thayer.
King Zahir Shah in his reconnaissance vehicle.
An American teacher coaches baseball in Afghanistan.
Hollywood movie poster at the Kabul Cinema.
Prince Mohammed Naim presents his credentials at the White House.
President Harry S. Truman confers with Prime Minister Shah Mahmood (right) and Afghan Chargé d’affaires Abdul Hamid Aziz (center).
Vice President Richard Nixon greets Afghan children.
Prime Minister Mohammed Daoud addresses the U.S. House of Representatives.
Prime Minister Daoud and Vice President Nixon visit the U.S. Capitol Building.
President Dwight D. Eisenhower inspects the honor guard upon arrival at Bagram Airport.
President Eisenhower is welcomed at the airport by King Zahir Shah, Afghan government officials, and children.
The motorcade of President Eisenhower and King Zahir Shah en route to Chilsitoon Palace.
President John F. Kennedy and King Zahir Shah during the Monarch’s visit to the United States.
King Zahir Shah and President Kennedy greet the crowd.
The King meets with former President Eisenhower at the Gettysburg farm.
King Zahir Shah visits the U.S. space program and learns about the Saturn launch vehicle.
The Royal Tour of the United States.
White House luncheon for Prime Minister Mohammed Maiwandwal.
President Lyndon B. Johnson and Prime Minister Maiwandwal in the Oval Office.
Prime Minister Nur Ahmed Etemadi greets Secretary of State William Rogers.
Vice President Spiro Agnew (center) with Ambassador Robert G. Neumann and King Zahir Shah at Gulkhana Palace.
Afghanistan celebrates the American Bicentennial.
Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Special Envoy Mohammed Naim exchange visits.
President Mohammed Daoud and the Jimmy Carter White House.
Afghan students at Washington National Airport en route to the University of Wyoming.
Ambassador Angus Ward speaks with Afghan education leaders at the USIS Library.
An Afghan peruses magazines at the USIS Library.
Janbaz Kapissaye, Press Officer for the Royal Afghan Press Department, in the control room at the KGO television station.
Students in a village school view a film-strip presentation on a sunlight-powered slide projector.
Columbia University Teachers College initiatives in Afghanistan.
An English typing class at the Women’s Welfare Society sponsored by the Asia Foundation.
Pan American and Ariana form a partnership.
Sargent Shriver, Director of the Peace Corps, tours Afghanistan.
Peace Corps Volunteers host a “Hootenanny” for Afghan orphans.
Qu Qu Qu Barg-e Chinaar: The Afghan Songbook.
Peace Corps Volunteer Margery Bickler vaccinates Afghan villagers.
Frank Procella (right), a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Helmand Valley, inspects animal forage with an Afghan colleague.
Peace Corps medical partnerships.
The first American expedition to Afghanistan.
Froelich Rainey, Director of the University of Pennsylvania Museum, with camel nomads.
Afghan workers erecting the U.S. Pavilion at the 1956 Jeshyn Fair.
The geodesic dome at the 1956 Jeshyn Fair.
Prime Minister Mohammed Daoud and Secretary of State John Foster Dulles sign a cultural exchange agreement.
The Dave Brubeck Quartet in Afghanistan.
Afghans enjoy an American movie outdoors.
Louis Dupree receives Afghan musical instruments from A.R. Benawa (center), Director of Radio Kabul.
The Joffrey Ballet strikes a pose.
Duke Ellington arrives in Afghanistan.
A model train set on view at the USIS Cultural Center.
Pianist Ann Schein and Public Affairs Officer Harold Otwell meet a young Afghan tambor player.
The United States Air Forces in Europe Band at the 1968 Jeshyn Fair.
American children present gifts to Queen Homeira at the 1968 Jeshyn Fair.
Prime Minister Shah Mahmood visits the Hoover Dam.
The early years of the Helmand Valley Authority (HVA).
Ignatius A. Heckmiller returns from reading water levels while his Afghan assistant steadies the cable.
Local Afghans and ICA rural development workers share a relaxing moment.
The Helmand Valley Authority (HVA) Exhibition Building at the 1958 Jeshyn Fair.
Building long-distance roads across Afghanistan.
Frederick M. Lege, III, brings prized cattle to Afghanistan.
CARE assists children in the provinces.
USAID programs in Afghanistan.
Peace Corps Volunteer Frank Brechin (center) advises mechanics at the Zenda ba Non automotive workshop.
America participates in Afghan aviation.
Continued efforts of the Helmand-Arghandab Valley Authority (HAVA).
The opening of the Traz Khaja Noor Flume.
Filming Our House is Near
The Air Reservist.
Commemorative Postes Afghanes stamp of the first moon walk.
U.S. Cultural Presentation, The First Chamber Dance Quartet.
Penne Laingen