America participates in Afghan aviation.

a. Columbia University Teachers College English instructor Norman Friberg (left) and Abdul Karim Hakimi, President of the Afghan Air Authority, visit the Qandahar Aeronautical School. b. The majestic arches at Qandahar International Airport.
Qandahar, 1963

America was committed to helping Afghanistan improve its airports and civil aviation program. Qandahar International Airport was built between 1957 and 1962 in a partnership through ICA, later USAID, that also included the Afghan Air Authority and the U.S. Federal Aviation Agency. The design for the terminal was inspired by the 11th century Qala-e-Bost archway near Lashkar Gah — the administrative center of the Helmand Valley Authority.

Courtesy of LIFE Magazine.
Photographs by James Burke.


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