Thursday, 20 October 2011 14:44

Admin and Logistics Programs

Meridian International Center holds long-term contracts with U.S. Government programs to offer our expertise in facilitating administrative and logistical arrangements that support international exchange programs. Providing such personalized travel support enables participants to focus on their program content rather than the program logistics. Meridian's expertise in working with foreign cultures ensures that program details are always appropriate.

Since 2006, Meridian has supported the Foreign Reporting Tours conducted through the Office of Broadcast Services and the Foreign Press Center. Meridian works with the media specialists within these agencies to support their schedules with turn-key logistics including developing international and domestic travel itineraries, pre-arranging hotel accommodations, rental cars, chartered vehicles, accident and sickness insurance, per diem disbursements, and group meals. In a given year, Meridian supports the FPC and OBS in 30 – 50 reporting tours and TV co-ops for participants from nearly every country.

In Fall of 2011, Meridian International Center began supporting President Obama’s Science and Technology Envoy program announced during his speech in Cairo. The program is a core element of the Administration’s commitment to global engagement in science and technology. President Obama first announced the program in Cairo last June, with Secretary Clinton naming the first three envoys – Dr. Zerhouni, Dr. Ahmed Zerwail and Dr. Bruce Alberts – in Marrakech n 2010. Meridian will provide administrative support to these envoys as they embark on overseas missions, supporting their visa procurement, international and domestic flight itineraries, overseas hotel accommodations, transportation coordination and international travel insurance. Annually, Meridian will coordinate an event to honor the selected envoys and highlight their mission at our facilities in Washington, DC.

With over 50 years of expertise in facilitating international exchange, Meridian provides invaluable support to the mission of such programs. If you are interested in Meridian providing support to your exchange programs, please see our list of services or contact us at