Meridian International Center creates, develops, and manages conferences with all sectors, from the corporate community to the U.S. Government. In an effort to better understand the challenges of a changing global environment, Meridian facilitates an atmosphere which enables current and emerging leaders from all sectors to engage and discuss the key issues of the day. Meridian has conducted sessions ranging from green technology and food security, to global health, and emerging market economies. From logistics to program development and facilitation, Meridian’s staff has expertise in all aspects of high-level conference design and execution.

These conferences can range from half-day to multi-day events and can be designed for both an in-house audience, or can be accessible to the public. The conferences can be held on-site at Meridian’s historic properties, or off-site for larger audiences of 200+.

In addition, Meridian has the internal capability to work with organizations to develop co-branded conferences, as well as assisting with thematic development and speaker selection for events under the company’s name.

For more information and details on Meridian conferences, please contact Heather Haines, Director of Programs, at (202) 939.5570.