Message from Ren Jian Ci Hua Company

My family has lived and worked in the city of Jingdezhen for many generations. We have always valued local traditions and respected the history of porcelain manufacturing. As a child, even the rice bowl I used had been produced in a kiln dating to the Qing Dynasty.

I started my ceramic company 20 years ago. This endeavor has permitted me to travel to many cities in China and abroad, and my success is based primarily on the export of porcelain. In 2006, Jingdezhen's mayor honored me as a businesswoman for my contributions to our city's reputation.

I deeply appreciate the beauty of ancient ceramics, but for decades have discussed the state of contemporary porcelain production with international colleagues. One question dominated these conversations: what can our generation contribute to the growth and evolution of this traditional art form?

Five years ago, I began collaborating with artists from different backgrounds, who are experts in various styles, and encouraged them to experiment with this medium. I have since promoted dozens of talented artists and together we have completed over 2,000 objects. More importantly, we created new fundamentals for contemporary ceramic painting, which now occupies a unique position in the art world.

Our experiments proved that an ancient Chinese art form can accommodate modern stylistic approaches and new technologies. Our artists have also demonstrated the exceptional quality and flexibility of porcelain with respect to other artistic genres.

Today, with generous support from the Chinese Ministry of Culture and the efforts of Meridian International Center, we are delighted to present CHINA Town: Contemporary Ceramic Painting from Jingdezhen to audiences in Washington, D.C. This exhibition is a powerful example of the recent evolution of a thousands-year-old Chinese cultural tradition.


Luo Yinggui
Ren Jian Ci Hua Company, Ltd.
Jingdezhen, China